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Great Reviews from Parents

PARENTING 101 Because Kids Donít Come with Instructions



“I use your advice every day in some way, shape or form. You have given me so much, taught me how to be a better mother....so thank you!”

Kim Yovino


“I just wanted to tell you, yet again, how much our time with you was the gift that keeps on giving to my family and me.”

Heather Oneil Hutton


“Thanks to you I am able to handle [the new challenges of toddlerhood] effectively and gracefully...I am thankful for being able to learn from your experience, knowledge and wisdom...You are ever-present in my ‘times of need’ either by referring to your book or thinking about what Dr. Melanie would do.”

Luciana Gentile


“I think we are doing a good job with our kids and I feel really lucky to have learned so much from you in the younger years. We set a great foundation for our kids.”

Marie Lucido


“I feel that I have learned invaluable information which I will continue to use. Thank you for your commitment to parenting and to raising healthy and happy children and parents.”   Kristin Goldberg


“I want to thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and for your guidance. I have learned so much from you.”

Joanna Golden


“I miss your classes so much I kind of feel lost without them.”



“Dr. Melanie is one of the best resources I have had in my short time as a parent. I have yet to see anything stump her.”

Nicole Fraley




"Your books have been invaluable resources for my family. Of all the books I own on parenting, I seem to always refer to yours!.......Your classes are the best and your books even better!”

Catherine Rawdin


“I am enjoying your books so that I can deal with [my granddaughters] when we get to babysit or just to help them along.”

Connie G. Livia


“For years Dr. Melanie has been an inspiration to me and now to my children. Her accurate assessment of all issues pertaining to children has been a godsend. Her wise analysis makes her books a requirement for all households. I’ve asked her to write a book on teenagers, but she contends PARENTING 101 can easily be translated into teen issues. Her insight into child behavior is unparalleled.”

Judith Cornell, grandmother