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PARENTING 101 Because Kids Donít Come with Instructions

Kids not doing what you want?

Too much screaming and yelling going on?

Backtalking, whining, defiance?

Homework or school issues?

Do you feel frustrated or overwhelmed?

Is what you’re doing not working for you or your kids?


Dr. Melanie offers a variety of ways for both that quick fix or the longer, stronger solution.



Half-hour or full-hour problem-solving by phone: addressing issues with practical tips to use immediately

Fee: $85 half hour; $150 hour using Paypal for payment

Skype Counseling: Face-to-face video guidance


When reading a book just isn’t enough, let the author guide you in your home. Imagine how empowered you’ll feel with the tools to parent successfully! On-the-spot ideas, suggestions, solutions and actual practice with Dr. Melanie right there. Fee based on time and travel.



Adults only for a private session with one or both parents. This can be an adjunct to a home visit. Fee based on time and travel.



Should the need arise, Dr. Melanie will observe your child’s behavior in the classroom, and hold a feedback conference with teacher(s) and parents. Fee based on time and travel.




“I want to thank you for the support you have given my wife through your advice. She came out of her first session with such great clarity and energy. Your advice was put to the test immediately. She was so excited with the results. You have given us great advice in supporting the way we both take care of our children.”

Dr. Steven Jarecki


“We wanted to thank you for...well, everything. You have helped us in so many ways that a simple ‘thank you’ seems inadequate. But you really made a difference in our parenting skills and we think [our kids] are so much better for it.”

A year later: ”I still hear your great advice in my ears so many times throughout the day.”

Anne Walsh


“Thank you for this evening[‘s appointment]. We spoke all the way home [to Miami] about house rules and the changes we are going to make. It’s like starting all over with clean and fresh ideas.”

Lourdes Sardinas


“Thank you again for visiting us....It reinforced the many things we were doing well and encouraged us to do and follow through on some additional things. I love and find valuable the question, ‘What are we teaching?’”

A year later: “I could not be more pleased with how things are going with the girls. You were one of the helpful pieces of support when we were navigating a more challenging time.”

David Pollay, MS, author of The Law of the Garbage Truck


“Thanks a million for your help with Joshua over the phone this summer. Within a few days of talking, we were back on schedule.”

“Thanks for making such a difference with all your great tips.”

Laura Hanks