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THE CARE OR REPAIR OF CHILDREN’S SELF-ESTEEM Forty-Two Prescriptions for Children’s Healthy Self-Esteem

Does your child feel safe, confident, competent, needed and important?
Or does your child have trouble making and keeping friends, misbehave consistently, want constant attention, or act shy and helpless?
Your child’s self-esteem is the axis upon which his or her whole life will revolve. Isn’t that worth  making it, or keeping it, healthy?
This easy-to-read book, categorized by age and peppered with appealing photographs, explores 42 prescriptions for healthy self-esteem. A tear-out poster is included for quick reference. Recommended for all ages as therapy or maintenance.
Each prescription is introduced with why that Rx is important to self-esteem. Then the how is spelled out by age groups: All Ages; Baby; Toddler; Preschooler; School Age.
Sample prescriptions are:
• Honor your child’s body, and help her respect it and feel comfortable in it
• Let your child make mistakes and teach forgiveness
• Promote goal-setting and give your child guidance
• Model and teach manners and morality
• Teach your child that all behavior has consequences
• Develop your child’s sense of humor, and teach him that happiness comes from within
It’s never too early, nor too late, to cultivate a child’s self-esteem!